UPDATE: 27th July 2006

Welcome to the hatelisting for ALL movies of the horror genre. My personal opinion is that horror films are frightening, disturbing and down right revolting. They seem to get worse and worse with every year, as if their directors are trying to out do each other with the sick amount of violence, murder and other downright disturbing content, and they seem to exist just for the sake of terrifying the audience. Horror movies influence young kids, teenagers and sometimes even adults to do things they have seen on screen. Yes there are people who do like horror movies and/or specific a horror movie, but this hatelisting is not for the fans of them, neither is it for any particular horror movie. This hatelisting is for the full genre of horror movies.

RULES: You must hate or strongly dislike the genre of horror films, obviously. You do not have to have a site to join, but if you do it must be acceptable for visitors (no porn, hate or racist sites please) and you must have the code somewhere I can easily find it (index, listings page?).




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